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The developing countries are facing similar challenges: regular power cuts, failing internet connections, poor water quality, traditional way of food processing, never-ending traffic jam, unplanned construction, outdated and mainly theoretical educational methods, etc. The brain drain is often the only chance to make a scientific career for Nepalese physics graduates. But there are opportunities closer to home. Physics graduate can improve efficiency of solar panel available in the market. They work on water treatment to improve the quality. A systematic study of internet towers and their better connectivity surely improve the internet connection. Similarly there is huge scope for physics graduates in the food processing industries. The physical properties of eatable materials should be studied in order to keep it for a long. A thorough analysis and modeling of stock exchange can make a better prediction for the future markets. This can be done by our physics graduates (econophysics). Recently we have introduced a few new applicable courses, e.g., material science, space science and econophysics, at the B.Sc. level. The practical applications of these courses have a huge implication. The policy makers of the nation should go through the use of our skilled graduates. Physics helps the Developing Countries in many respects.


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