The second half of the twentieth century has witnessed a tremendous development in the field of Physics education and research particularly in developing countries. The Central Department of Physics (CDP), Tribhuvan University has been helping to bring the world of Physics education and research to interested Nepalese students since 1969 by offering theoretical Physics course in the Master's level. In spite several difficulties and limitations, CDP has produced more than 3000 physics graduates. These graduates are actively involved for the development of nation in various sectors. At present, about 800 physics graduates are continuing their education and research in abroad (mostly USA). In this way, our graduates are contributing globally. The research activity is gradually increasing at the department. At present, 25 students are doing Ph.D. and 240 students are enrolled at the masters’ level in the department. More than 800 masters’ thesis has been completed with about 100 international publications.
Time has come to join international standard by upgrading our higher education system. We committed for a model system as a centre for excellence to all other national colleges as well as regional and international institutions. The CDP has introduced semester system in the year 2013 in order to uplift the standard of education and research. In order to fulfill all necessary requirements of the semester system we urgently need additional faculties, skilled staffs, e-library and research infrastructure.

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